2021 Staff

Principal - Mr. Terry Keilar

Assistant Principal - Mr. Joshua McDougall

My name is Mr Terry Keilar and I am the Principal at Ararat West. I have been a member of staff at Ararat West for 15 years and I am very proud to be a part of a strong, friendly and supportive community.

Jessica Albert

Foundation Classroom Teacher

Jessica Tweddle

Grade 1/2 Classroom Teacher

Natalie Neville

Grade 3/4 Classroom Teacher

Corey Taylor

Grade 5/6 Classroom Teacher

3-6 Unit Leader

Richard Tucker

Physical Education and

Science Specialist Teacher

Samantha Champion De Crespigny

Foundation Classroom Teacher

F-2 Unit Leader

Tahnee Walker

Grade 1/2 Classroom Teacher

Learning Specialist & PLC Leader

Helen Kirkpatrick

Grade 4/5 Classroom Teacher

Jessica Frampton

Indonesian Specialist Teacher

Karly Harris

Tutoring Teacher

Lisa Madex

Grade 1/2 Classroom Teacher

Melissa Fithall

Grade 3/4 Classroom Teacher

Bree Harris

Grade 5/6 Classroom Teacher

PLC Leader

Sonja Hooke

Visual Arts Specialist Teacher

Amy Lloyd

Tutoring Teacher

Leanne McCready

Education Support Officer and Choir Director

Andy Kalluri

Information and Technology Manager

Tianee Hurst

Business Manager

Kim Dohnt

Education Support Officer and Librarian

Sri Kalluri

Information and Technology Manager

Kristy Fenn

Education Support Officer

Tracie Laidlaw

Education Support Officer

Megan Wood

Education Support Officer

Fiona McLoughlin

Education Support Officer

Tracy Townsend

Speech Pathologist

Patrick Cavanagh

Behaviour Therapist


K9 Behaviour Therapist


K9 Behaviour Therapist


K9 Behaviour Therapist In Training

Our Philosophy 

Developing in our children an interest in learning and desire to be their best; utilising their skills and attitudes to enable them to reach their full potential in society.

Our Values

The following values are central to the life of our school and how all members of the school community should conduct themselves:

We are Respectful:

We Respect our self, others, the school and the community.

We are Resilient:

We keep trying and work through challenges.

We are Aspiring:

We always do our best and encourage others with positive behaviours.​​