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Specialist Programs


Here at West we provide our students with a wide range of specialist programs. These include Visual Arts, Science, Physical Education, and Indonesian.


Visual Arts As you take a walk down the halls of our school you will soon see some of the very creative student work proudly on display. Students explore a range of mediums such as paint, drawing, clay, and textiles whilst also acquiring techniques and skills. Student are immersed in studies of great artists and their work. They have a range of opportunities to collaborate with local artists and art projects within our community.


Science With a clipboard in hand you’ll often see our students conducting experiments and investigations around our school. Providing students with the opportunity to question the biological, physical and technological world we live in. Our students develop their inquiring skills with hands-on activities whilst also refining their teamwork and expanding on their scientific knowledge and understanding. 


Physical Education Our school strongly believes in and fosters a ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ philosophy. Students are exposed to a wide variety of games and structured sports in order to enhance their confidence, movement skills and their ability to work in teams and as an individual. Our students regularly compete at regional, state and national level competitions due to their hard work and dedication.


Indonesian  Students receive Indonesian language instruction that enables them to engage in verbal and written communication whilst also acquiring an understanding of cultural traditions, heritage, values, beliefs and cultural identity. In doing so our students have the opportunity to reflect on our own language and culture and develop a better sense of self and their place in the world.

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