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Staff Development

Our school fosters a culture of learning not only for our students but our staff as well. We are committed to staff professional development in order to increase their knowledge and understanding which in turn extends students growth and development.

Staff participate in regular Professional Learning Communities (PLC) and the latest professional development, whilst also conducting Peer Observation and utilising technology such as the SWIVL, a roaming recording device. Our office spaces are designed so that teachers can easily work in collaborative teams, which creates consistency amongst our classes and additional opportunity for our teachers to learn from one another.

Graduate staff are provided with a mentor and guided by a supportive team environment. We also welcome pre-service teaching programs and working experience students as we believe in investing in the future of the education system.

We utilise contemporary and traditional teaching methods all based on the best practice outlined by the latest department initiatives, such as the High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS) and FISO Models.

We successfully applied at the start of 2021 to participate in the Primary Mathematics and Science Specialist Initiative whereby two of our teachers will be completing professional development and training with leading experts to assist with our whole-school mathematics improvement, which is a key feature of our Annual Implementation Plan. 

We see ourselves as lifelong learners and instill this value into our students.

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